Luxury Apartments in Lucknow

On the banks of the river Gomti, is a land of opportunity. A city which the fortunate will proudly call home. A place where the pure smell of nature will intoxicate and inspire. A place where the laughter of children will reverberate in lush fields. A place where exotic tastes of the world delight even the most refined palates. A place where the beauty of the river is only surpassed by the magnificence of Luxury Apartments on the banks of the pristine lake. A place where life is complete.

Composition of our Audit Committee :
  • Mr. Khalid Masood, Director (DIN: 00050010)
  • Mr. Harvinder Singh Sarna, Independent Director (DIN: 00940285)
  • Mr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma, Independent Director (DIN: 00711930)